Multifamily Property Tax Exemption

With so many people flocking to Seattle for high-paying tech jobs and more tech companies moving to our city, we have become stretched for affordable housing. Maintaining affordable housing is an important commitment as it is proven to build stronger, safer, and more vibrant communities.

Keelson Ballard is proud to participate in the Multifamily Property Tax Exemption (MFTE) program which provides a tax exemption on new multifamily buildings in exchange for setting aside 20% of the homes as rent-restricted residences. By supporting mixed-income residential development in the urban centers, the MFTE program ensures affordability as our city continues to grow.

To qualify under the MFTE program, household income must be below 75% of the area median income for 1 bedroom and below 85% for 2 bedrooms. Please go to MFTE Income and Rent Limits to find out if you qualify.

For even more information about the program, please read the Department of Housing Renters Guide. 

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